Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Do you have a good time? I do! I love christmas, having dinner with family, getting some presents.. My boyfriend gave me a swarovski necklace, super cute :) look;

And how is your Christmas? Did you get some nice presents? :)


Did some shopping

I went shopping this morning! I bought a christmas present for my boyfriend, a fragrance; armani code. I also bought a new pants, shirt, scarf and a cardigan! I love the color of my pants. A few weeks ago I was shopping and tried it on but it wasn't really my size, I needed one size bigger. But today I saw it hanging in the H&M again, and I needed to buy it. It still doesn't fit me very well, that made me realize I am not doing fitness anymore and I am becoming fat! haha. So now I am a member from the gym again since today ;-)

Oh and here my outfit of course!

So what do you think?

Have a nice weekend!




My old watch is broken! My gold Friis & Company watch.. I loved it so much and I got so many compliments about it! I hope the jeweller can fix it.

my old watch :(

But now i'm getting a new watch, from michael kors! I am in love with it, it's gorgeous. I can't wait to have it, but I will have to wait till december 4th. Because it is my 'sinterklaas' present. But it's already here and I took a picture of it!

So what do you think?



@ my best friends birthday dinner!



Everything; H&M

Booties; Sacha

So here my outfit of today. I still love my booties so much, I wear them almost every day!
I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I have a dinner from my best friend, because she is turning 21 on sunday. And my boyfriend is coming with me.
The dresscode is 'chique', I think that is really cool. As soon as I get the photos from the dinner, I will show you them. I am going to wear heels, and they are soooo high! I can barely walk when i wear them. haha!



Outfit 21/10

Here an outfit post again. I said I didn't want to do these anymore, but I think I still like to post this haha. This morning I got this jeanslegging and sweater from my mom! I love them! Do you like it?
Tonight i'm going to go have some dinner with a friend. And tomorrow I'm have a party from work, so i'm going to have a nice weekend i guess! What are you going to do this weekend?

sweater + jeanslegging; an unknown store here at the mall..
shirt & ring; H&M
watch; friis&company
booties; sacha



Simple outfit 19/10

Everything; H&M
except for the shoes; converse allstars
and watch; friis & company



Lady Million

Last week I bought this perfume, Lady Million - Paco Rabanne. It was on sale, 50 ml for €50,00! It's expensive, but normally it is more expensive and i LOVE this fragance so much! You keep smelling it all day long, because it's Eau de Parfum.

Do you know this fragance? Wich fragance do you use? :-)



Outfit 30/09

I said I didn't want to do outfit posts anymore, but now I received my new booties, I really wanted to show them of course!
Today I have to go to school, and tonight I won't do anything I guess.. Tomorrow I have to work all day long, from 8:00 till 18:00! Then I have to hurry because I'm going to my boyfriend! :D
So here my oufit of today; 

So what do you think? and what are you going to do this weekend? :)




Yeah the sacha online store finally has the booties that i wanted again! i immediatly ordered them <3 not a good thing for my bank account though..


OPI crackle nailpolish

A few weeks ago i bought the crackle nailpolish from OPI. I love it together with this silver nailpolish!

Do you like crackle nailpolish?


quit blogging?

Hi there! I haven't posted in a while. I am considering to quit blogging.. i enjoyed it very much, but now I don't feel like taking pictures of outfits and stuff. And i think my outfits aren't that special to share it with everybody haha. So from now on i will post some random things i guess.. :)

My boyfriend is in Africa at the moment, and i miss him so much! 9 more days.. 

Last weekend I was with my sweet friend Elke. We cooked some dinner together and we bought a bottle of 'boswandeling', our favourite drink! It was so much fun. 

what did you do this weekend? :)





Bag, pants, scarf, shirt; H&M
booties; divino shoes
earrings; six
watch; la mer collections



Aruba 2011

Thanks for the birthday messages! <3 I just came back from my holiday on Aruba for 3 weeks. It was just aweeesome! i loved it there. the weather is amazing and the beaches are beautiful. here some photos :)

where did you go on vacation? xxx