Yeah it's finally summer! Yesterday and today it was pretty warm, but for the rest you can't say it's summer. It's raining already! But i have to learn, so for me it doesn't matter at te moment. Thursday i got my last exam, and monday i have to remake an exam. And after that i'm freee! haha. I'm just so looking forward to go to Spain and Aruba!

And my order finally arrived! Look at the most crappy photos in the world :) I just made them before it started to rain, haha. They're awful, but whatever, i needed to make a post because i was neglecting my blog.



new order!

so I ordered some new things! One legging from Asos, and a bracelet, shoes and shirt-thing from H&M!

what do you think? :)



Finally i got all the pinkpop photos :) it was fun! especially Kings of Leon, 30 seconds to mars and the script.

my  friend on the last photo made a blog too! Take a look its very pretty :)

i'm going to post outfits again soon, i noticed i'm getting less messages in comparison with earlier posts! i didnt post any outfits lately, because i didn't feel like take outfit pictures, i was just lazy haha. 



Hap stap festival

Last friday night i went to hap stap festival in Tilburg with my best friend. Unfortunately, the weather was awful, but the festival was so nice! there were some artists and very many stands with drinks and food. My other best friend was there too with his busstopbakery , with al the delicious cupcakes!
There was a Robbie Williams look a like, and he was so funny and really looked like the real one! Saturday, sunday and monday i went to the festival Pinkpop in Landgraaf. That was reaaally great too! I saw so many bands who i like. My favourite performances were; Kings of Leon, 30 seconds to mars, The script and Go back to the zoo! But photos from 
that are coming later on.So here some photos from hap stap festival :)

Really cool drink ^^ it smoked! haha

how was your weekend?



TAG: my 5 favourite summer nailpolishes

Antonia-Ivana tagged me, i have to show my 5 favourite summer nail polishes. Mostly of the time i don't do taggs, but i like to show my nailpolishes because i'm always wearing nailpolish on my nails lately, so i liked this tag.

so here some pictures!

1. red nailpolish - Maybelline New York express finish lacquer - cherry ( i guess, i removed the sticker on top of the bottle..)
2. turqoise nailpolish - Yes Love color 287. I bought this in a little shop in Spain, so i don't think you can buy this everywhere!

3. gold nailpolish - GOSH 554 gold
4. Blue nailpolish - H&M
5. Pink nailpolish; GOSH 598 Bubble gum

These were 5 of my nailpolishes! i like these colors. What do you think?
I'm not going to tag specific persons, everyone who likes this tag can do it! :D




I bought the cutest headband! it's perfect for summer :) look!

I want to try to post more, and friday i'm going to make some photos with my best friend, so i will upload the photos on my blog!
And saturday till monday is a music festival, Pinkpop! I'm going all the 3 days. Now i'm not really looking forward to it, but i'm hoping the weather will be good, then it will become a great weekend!

The headband is from H&M and cost €3,95. want do you think? :)




I didn't feel like blogging lately. Yeah on tumblr,  but not here on blogger. 

Yesterday i was working all day long, and me and my lovely friend went out. First we had dinner together en than we sat in her garden en drank our favourite drink! Then we went to the city centre en had fun. It was a great evening. Here some pictures, they are not very good but i like them!

did you have a great weekend too? :)