Hap stap festival

Last friday night i went to hap stap festival in Tilburg with my best friend. Unfortunately, the weather was awful, but the festival was so nice! there were some artists and very many stands with drinks and food. My other best friend was there too with his busstopbakery , with al the delicious cupcakes!
There was a Robbie Williams look a like, and he was so funny and really looked like the real one! Saturday, sunday and monday i went to the festival Pinkpop in Landgraaf. That was reaaally great too! I saw so many bands who i like. My favourite performances were; Kings of Leon, 30 seconds to mars, The script and Go back to the zoo! But photos from 
that are coming later on.So here some photos from hap stap festival :)

Really cool drink ^^ it smoked! haha

how was your weekend?


12 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the first photo of you, it's so funny!! :D That drink looks amazing, I'd love to try :D

  2. klinkt gezellig!
    & het ziet er ook gezellig uit xxx

  3. Ziet er gezellig uit! En leuke cupcakes! X

  4. hele leuke foto's! niet naar jazz in duketown geweest? :P

  5. Yummm those cupcakes look delicious!!!

  6. These cupcakes looks so delicious! And i'm so inlove with your hair and heir colour!!

  7. Lovely photos!! :)