Leopard cross tee!

Finally i got the leopard cross tee! It was sold out the whole time, but when i saw it on urbanoutfitters, I immediately ordered it! I think it was a bit expensive for a t-shirt, but I like it so much :)

So here my outfit of today! And now I'm going to watch Will & Kate's wedding and give eachother a kiss!

Leopard cross tee; Urban OutfittersShoes; Van Haren
Skirt; H&M

Have a nice weekend!



It's Easter! And the weather is still beautiful. We just had a brunch with the family. It was sooo good! I got some pictures, and photos from my outfit, the brunch and my animals :) 

Easterbunny? No, Easterferret!!
Top; Vero Moda
Shorts; H&M
Sandals; a little store in Salou, Spain.
Watch; La mer collections (capricci.nl)
Earrings; H&M
Nailpolish; etos




Yesterday I went to zandvoort with my grandma! The weather is great here in Holland right now. We took some pictures :). And by the way, I'm not wearing a skirt, but it's a short! ^^

And i have bought a new nail polish! it's silver and i really like it!

Cardigan; brand-less
shoes; vans
shorts; H&M
shirt; H&M
watch; Friis & company
necklace; H&M
bag; H&M



Goin' back to the corner where i first saw you

Friday was my dad's birthday and we celebrated it last night. It was great. So today I slept till 12:30, and then I watched a movie with my sister; Eclipse! 

I bought a new iPod, my old one didn't work anymore. it's the iPod classic, it was so expensive but it's worth it.
And I got so much messages on my previous post! a record :). I looove it! 

Here my outfit of today;


Leather jacket; H&M
Shoes; Vans
Shorts; H&M
Blouse; Vero Moda
Ring; Primark



I don't care what you think as long as it's about me

What a great day! I didn't have to go to school. Me and my sister went outside to take some pictures. I wanted to make some better pictures. Here they are!

I took some pictures too. This is my little sister Lynette and she's 10 years old! She put on some of her own jewelry for the pictures, isn't that cute ;-)

Everything of my outfit is from H&M (very surprising..) and shoes are from van Haren!