happy birthday to me!

just turned 21 todayy :)
xx from Spain



Today i'm going to Spain! We always stay there for 3 weeks, but now i'm going back home by plane after 1 week. My parents and the rest of my family stays on the camping. Next friday i will be back home, saturday i have to work all day long and sunday i will be going to aruba!!
So this week i won't post :( i don't know if i'm posting next week when i'm home.. i'm sorry!But here some vacation photos of last years.



Guns N Roses

It's a really simple outfit, but i like my new shirt :)

Shirt; H&M
Jeanslegging; Vero moda
shoes; converse all stars
earrings; SIX



New all stars!

Sunday i celebrated my and my sisters birthday. She is 11 years now, and i am becoming 21 on july 27th!! But then i'm on holiday in Spain, and after that i'm going to aruba for 3 weeks, so that's why we celebrated it already. 
I bought new converse all stars, they are my favourite shoes. So i'm adding them to my collection of 8 pair of all stars ;-). Bought a ring and two nail polishes too, the nailpolishes were two for €2 at kruidvat!




My best friend and i took some photos :)




I'm so glad i'm off from school for 2 months! I needed some rest. :-) I haven't much to tell though.. I'm just happy at the moment haha.

So here my outfit of today! I really like the print of my top. And i'm not wearing any mascara, only eyeliner.. i was a bit lazy haha.

Top/shorts: H&M
Boots: Divino shoes
Watch; La mer collections - capricci.nl