My old watch is broken! My gold Friis & Company watch.. I loved it so much and I got so many compliments about it! I hope the jeweller can fix it.

my old watch :(

But now i'm getting a new watch, from michael kors! I am in love with it, it's gorgeous. I can't wait to have it, but I will have to wait till december 4th. Because it is my 'sinterklaas' present. But it's already here and I took a picture of it!

So what do you think?



@ my best friends birthday dinner!



Everything; H&M

Booties; Sacha

So here my outfit of today. I still love my booties so much, I wear them almost every day!
I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I have a dinner from my best friend, because she is turning 21 on sunday. And my boyfriend is coming with me.
The dresscode is 'chique', I think that is really cool. As soon as I get the photos from the dinner, I will show you them. I am going to wear heels, and they are soooo high! I can barely walk when i wear them. haha!