hi there

Hello everyone! I haven't posted for a few days. That's because I'm studying because thursday i got an exam wich i really want to pass. I failed my last exam (5,4.. what a shitty grade is that)!
And always when i'm learing I'm not dressed very nicely. I'm wearing my joggingpants and some really comfy clothes, so nothing special to show you guys!
Thursday after my exam i'm going to the movies wich a sweet friend of mine, we're going to  Water for Elephants. Robert Pattinson is in it, i love him! And he plays a veterinary student, so i think it's interesting since i'm a veterinary student too, haha.

Furthermore i really got nothing to say i guess. But i'm really looking forward to the summer!
At the moment I'm a real tumblr addict and when i'm seeing all those summer pictures i want to go to aruba! But I have to wait till the end of july. So here some great summer pictures of my tumblr!

Look at the cute tiny sand castle! <3
Sorry for the boring post. I think i can post an outfit tomorrow!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. aan 5,4'en kan ik me zo irriteren, vind dat echt vreselijke cijfers haha! veel succes met je toets! mooie foto's! liefs

  2. succes met je toets!
    echt leuke foto's! (: xxx

  3. succes met je examen! en leuke foto's.
    die film lijkt me ook super..
    x D.

  4. Veel succes! Mooi foto's! De laatste is echt tof!

  5. succes met je examens!
    je blog is echt heeel leuk!
    ik hou van je stijl.