Y al despertar, la vida me regala otro color

I noticed a few visitors on my blog, from abroad! Really cool. But they don't understand what i'm writing in dutch. So i'm considering to write in English.. This post I will try, but i don't know if I will be talking English in further posts. So what do you think? I really don't know. It's not that I can't write in English, but I can express myself better in my native language.
I'm going to think a few days more about my consideration! For now just my oufit of today!


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  1. Writing in English will definitely attract more readers from abroad!

  2. I love that coat--and i'm an overseas reader, HI!:D

  3. Nice style! (L)
    I dont like that much fur,
    but it looks good on you =D
    really cute!

  4. Super, dann können wir deutsch reden und danke für's Followen. :-)
    Sind deine Haare echt so blond oder gefärbt? total schön :-)

  5. Happy pictures are my favorite! Thank you for the colorful collection of so many beautiful pictures

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    The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow! :)Believe it!

  6. Die allstars zijn gaaf! Nieuw?
    En vind die jas ook echt leuk:)

  7. If u write in english I will read all your newer posts! I PROMIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSEE!!! hhahaha... now serious, I have to say that your blog could be more interesting if u write in english, easy to understand! I'm from spain so, I usually write in spanish & english, try it! I'd love to read ur posts :D

    (thanks for writing the title in spanish hahahha)

    im following u now! xx

  8. Love your outfit!
    You could write in your native language and then summarise as best you can in English so us folk can have a little read too :) I was consider doing mine in Spanish too, but most people talk English, which is luck y for me!

    I'm a new follower, check out my blog if you like!


  9. ah wat een leuke outfit en je jas ziet er heeeerlijk warm uit! xx

  10. I love Convers!


  11. leuke kleren!
    ook hele leuke jas!
    ik volg je,
    volg je mij ook?